What type of photography do you offer?

I photograph babies, children, families and high school seniors most often. I also occasionally photograph individual adults, headshots, couples and weddings. I do enjoy the slower pace of adults from time to time.

What are sessions like?

Sessions are fun, relaxed and unrushed. Typical sessions usually last 1 to 2 hours or more as needed. I work in a fun and easygoing manner with no stiff poses or cheesy smile requests. I engage children and families in conversation and activities (talking, joking, reading, funny songs, etc.), in order to get a wide variety of expressions that you see in them everyday. Clients often comment on how easy their experience was after the session is finished.

Where and how are sessions held?

My favorite locations are in the client’s home where kids are comfortable. We can also choose outdoors such as at a nature area, fields or shopping centers. Fit the location to your personality and you can’t go wrong. Newborns are always photographed in your home so as to make the experience comfortable for mom and baby.

What about newborn sessions?

Newborns are best photographed at 7-14 days old, as they tend to be more sleepy and cuddly. Newborn sessions generally include alone shots around your home as well as tender, honest family interaction with your baby. If you plan to book a newborn session, please call before the birth, so I can do my best to accommodate your needs. If baby is still brand new and you are just finding me, please contact me asap. I bring many props to use in my shoots, but if there is something specific you are looking for, please let me know and I will see what I can do!

Why Professional Photography?

There is a great deal of time involved in creating high-end custom photography sessions for a client. You will also get the luxury of great service, better choices and a superb end product. The results of all this are heirloom quality images. The time invested at the session is only a small portion of time involved in this process.

When you book your photo session, you are not just paying for the time the photographer spends with you during the session. You are paying for 12-19 hours of the her time for your session, including her artistic vision, a planning consultation to plan all of the details of your session, time spent finding or making props specifically for your session, time spent prepping for the actual session, time spent choosing and editing your images, time spent on custom design work, and more. Much of the cost of a photographic print produced by a professional photographer has a lot to do with the above mentioned time investment, but also takes into account equipment costs, costs of running a legitimate business, & the reputation and expertise of the photographer.